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Luxury Japan Virtual Travel Market (LJTM) is a B-to-B platform specifically designed for luxury tourism in Japan. The Luxury Japan Tourism Organization was established to attract high-net-worth tourists from around the world in a unified effort by the government and private sector.

No need to travel overseas to meet sellers. With LJTM, you have access to 24/7, all-year-round services that allow you to attend meetings remotely and even complete transactions with domestic and foreign industry experts who have passed our screening. Operators and municipalities wishing to draw in affluent customers can also use our services.

Revitalizing Japan with this national project and our combined efforts.

  • Meetings

    Easily manage your calendar, meetings and payments online.Supervised by travel companies, LJTM has all the necessary tools for luxury tourism business discussions.

  • Matchmaking

    This new 24/7 platform for luxury tourism allows you to attend meetings with, and even make payments to, sellers and buyers from Japan and overseas.

  • Promotion

    The main page 24h Video Lobby dedicated to luxury tourism can also include videos from sellers wishing to promote their material to buyers targeting affluent customers. LJTM is available worldwide in two languages (Japanese & English).

Luxury Japan Virtual Travel Market LJTM Features

  • Publish information about your company
    Introduce new products and services, display videos, website links, and brochures. You can also upload YouTube videos.
  • Find new business partners
    With this innovative virtual platform, connecting with buyers has never been easier. Set up video meetings with no time limit and build meaningful and lasting relationships with professionals in the travel industry. Expand your network and business opportunities with ease.
  • Attend webinars
    Webinars will regularly be held by Luxury Japan. You can participate in live-streamed seminars and forums with DMOs and travel industry experts in Japan. These events will be held in Japanese or in English depending on the target.
  • 1-on-1 meetings (Virtual Room)
    LJTM's meeting feature is only available to buyers, media, and exhibiting companies, allowing you to connect with professionals in the industry with high purchasing power.
  • Sell luxury travel products
    You can directly sell luxury travel products. You can even publish special offers with unique experiences. In addition, accommodation plans with benefits can also be sold on the 'Travel Product Registration Page.' Publicizing travel products is free of charge.
  • Pre-payment service to prevent no-shows (with 3-D Secure)
    Pre-payment is required to prevent no-shows. Our website utilizes the 3-D Secure identity verification service to ensure safe payments and prevent card fraud. A commission will be deducted from the seller's product price and transferred to our bank account at the end of the following month.
  • Group Features
    1) The leader can invite up to 2 members.Up to 3 member IDs can be issued (including the leader). If you wish, you can add 1 extra account for ¥33,000 per year.
    2) You are grouped as a team, so notifications will be shared, and you'll be able to attend meetings together
    3) The leader has access to the other members' accounts, making it easy to pass on information to a new member if an existing member is on vacation or resigns. The leader can also update the profile to match the information of the new member and keep on using existing meeting histories.
  • Favorites Features
    Both sellers and buyers have access to a Favorite button, making it possible to approach companies you are interested in.
  • Operation History Features
    Both sellers and buyers can check the browsing and application data on 'Mypage.' This can also prevent oversight of messages.
  • Dashboard Features
    The leader can monitor the achievements of each group member with graphs showing the number of meetings, successful payments, Favorites, etc.

Virtual Room Features

  • Online Video Chat
  • File Sharing
  • Reminders
  • Text Translation (English/Japanese)
  • File Download/Upload
  • Chat Log Data
  • Screen Sharing
  • Google Calendar Sync

Meet the Ambassadors of LJTM

About LJTM

Seller Registration

You can register as a seller if you would like to promote your own facilities and travel products to buyers targeting domestic and overseas high net worth travelers.

Seller Registration

Buyer Registration

You can register as a buyer if you are part of a travel agency or company that plans and sells travel products in Japan.

Buyer Registration
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