Terms of Service

  • Terms of Service

    Luxury Japan Corp. (the “Company”), which is delegated by Luxury Japan Tourism Organization (the promoter of the website Luxury Japan Virtual Travel Market (the “Website”)), sets out the basic terms of service for the Website (these “Terms”) as follows. 
  • Article 1 Application of these Terms

    1.    These Terms set out the matters that the Member Company set out in Article 3 should comply with when using the Website. 

    2.    Please read and agree to the following terms before using the Website. If you do not agree to the following, please do not use the Website. By using the Website, you are agreeing to all of the following terms. 
  • Article 2 Website

    1.    The Website provides opportunities for business in order for Member Companies to enter into sales agreements, service agreements, and other agreements with each other regarding products, rights, etc. (the “Member Company Agreement”). Accordingly, the Company has no responsibility, rights, or authority as a party to any Member Company Agreement and bears no responsibility regarding the Member Company Agreements. 

    2.    The Member Company Agreements are formed in accordance with the intent of both parties in relation to the terms and conditions, etc. of the transaction between the Member Companies. Please thoroughly confirm the terms and conditions of the transaction between the Member Companies and ensure that the Member Companies themselves determine whether to carry out the transaction. 

    3.    In these Terms, “Seller” means any travel agent that develops and sells travel products with the national and local government’s inbound tourism department and DMOs, and exclusive hotels and Japanese-style inns (ryokan) or any other Japanese company that arranges products for wealthy customers. 

    4.    In these Terms, “Buyer” means Japanese and foreign companies, such as agents, companies and finance companies, that engage with wealthy customers who take trips that cost at least 1,000,000 yen per person per trip. 
  • Article 3 Member Companies

    1.    In these Terms, “Member Company” means any party that applies to register on the Website in the manner prescribed by the Company after accepting these Terms in accordance with the process specified by the Company and that the Company approves. 

    2.    If the Company deems any party that applies to register on the Website inappropriate for registration as the Member Company, the Company will not acknowledge that party’s registration as the Member Company or may cancel that party’s registration, even after registration is approved. 

    3.    Any Member Company that is already registered may not apply for multiple registrations as the Member Company. 

    4.    “Buyer” means a company that purchases travel products, and ryokan and hotel services from overseas as well as in Japan. Accommodation facilities, tour operators, DMCs, companies that arrange tour guide interpreters, local government, DMOs, Japanese heritage organizations, and local government that provide travel-related services correspond to the “Seller.” 
  • Article 4 Terms and Conditions of Application for Membership

    If the following conditions are met by the respective company, that company may apply for membership. After applying for membership, a review is carried out and notice of the results of the review is given to the company. 
    1.    Buyer company
    (1)    The company organizes travel to destinations including Japan
    (2)    The company demonstrates a track record in providing services to wealthy customers 
    (3)    At least one year has passed since the company was incorporated 
    (4)    The registered leader is management level with the authority to procure travel products for wealthy customers 
    (5)    Any travel company that is not a member of an exclusive travel agency network cites at least 1 reference 

    2.    Seller company 
    (1)    Hotels and ryokan 
    (A)    The company has sufficiently created a system that accepts wealthy travelers 
    (B)    The company has guest rooms that cost at least 100,000 yen per room per night for 2 guests 
    (C)    The company can handle dietary requirements such as gluten free diets 
    (2)    DMCs and tour operators 
    (A)    The company has sufficiently created a system that accepts wealthy travelers 
    (B)    The company has a track record of accepting wealthy travelers 
    (3)    Local government and DMOs 
    (A)    The company is promoting, or plans to promote, to attract wealthy travelers as customers 
  • Article 5 Membership Fee

    1)The period of membership in the Service is 1 year for the Seller, and the membership fee varies depending on the package. Fees are charged from the month after the application month.
    Package program // features Standard package Active package Promotional package
    (active package+
    video streaming
    Membership registration
    (incl. review)
    Listing of facilities
    (images, videos, etc.)
    Registration of travel products
    (travel products, marketed products, etc.)
    Use of web meetings
    Webinar services
    (use of webinar function: once a year)
    Email newsletter
    (distributed by LJTM)
    Use of mypage
    (administration function)
    Use of payment system ×
    Video streaming
    (Page before login)
    × ×
    Usage fee
    (p.a./incl. tax)
    Free 660,000 yen 4,510,000 yen

    2)The video streaming service involves the streaming of footage from video webinars produced by the Seller and participating companies for the Luxury Japan Channel.

    3)バThe membership period for the Buyer, whether a Japanese or foreign company, is perpetual, unless the Buyer withdraws or the Company cancels its registration, and there is no fee for the Buyer during the membership period.

    4)Payment of the membership fee is made by credit card or bank transfer.

    5)If the Member Company terminates membership during the year of use or the Service is suspended or withdrawn[revoked] in accordance, the membership fee will not be refunded based on a per diem calculation.

    6)The Company automatically continues the Service with the Member Company unless a notice of termination is given in accordance with the following article.
  • Article 6 ID

    1.    The Member Company must use the email address and password registered with the Company (collectively, “ID”) to use the service provided by the Company (the “Service”). 

    2.    The Member Company is individually responsible for the use and management of its ID, and must not disclose that information to any third party as the ID for the Service or allow any third party to use the ID. The Company may deem any act in relation to the Member Company carried out correctly using that Member Company’s ID as an act carried out in accordance with that Member Company’s intent, and the Member Company is responsible for any act or result of an act regarding the Service that is carried out using the Member Company’s ID, regardless of whether the act is due to the Member Company’s negligence. 

    3.    If the Member Company’s ID is stolen, the Member Company forgets its ID, or the Member Company establishes that the Member Company’s ID is being used by a third party, the Member Company must immediately report to that effect to the Company and follow the Company’s instructions on the appropriate response to take. 

    4.    In principle, the Member Company may have 3 IDs per Member Company. If the Member Company wishes to have more than 3 IDs, the Member Company may obtain an additional ID by applying to the Company to that effect and obtaining the Company’s approval. In that case, the Member Company must pay 33,000 yen per annum per additional ID (including tax) to the Company for the additional ID. 

    5.    If, by using a third party’s ID without authorization, the Member Company causes damage to that third party or the Company, the Member Company is responsible for compensating that party for the damage incurred. 
  • Article 7 Registration Information

    1.    The Company must appropriately hold and manage all registered information, including the Member Company’s ID, with the due care of a prudent manager. The Member Company’s registered information includes information that is available to the public via the Website (the “Public Registration Information”) and information that is not available to the public via the Website (the “Private Registration Information”). 

    2.    The Company must manage and handle the Member Company’s registration information appropriately, and the personal information (meaning “Personal Information” defined in the Personal Information Protection Act) contained in the Member Company’s registration information is handled in accordance with the section Handling of Personal Information on the Website set out separately. 

    3.    The Member Company must indicate the category of public or private registration information at its own responsibility using the prescribed method on the registration screen when registering the information. If the Member Company indicates that the registration information is public, the Member Company will be deemed to agree to making the Member Company’s registration information public on the Website at the time the Member Company inputs the information and applies for registration of the Member Company. 

    4.    The Member Company is individually responsible for any damage incurred by the Member Company as a result of information input by the Member Company as Public Registration Information and made public, and the Company is not responsible for such damage. 

    5.    The Member Company must not report any falsehood in relation to any item in the registration information input or reported at the time of registration. 

    6.    If there is a change to the Member Company’s address, telephone number, email address, or other registration information, the Member Company must promptly carry out the prescribed procedures to change that information. The Member Company is individually responsible for any damage incurred by the Member Company as a result of not carrying out the procedures for changes, and the Company is not responsible for such damage. 
  • Article 8 Termination

    1.    When terminating the user agreement for the Service due to the expiration of the Service period, the Member Company may follow the cancellation procedures by notifying the Company of the cancellation at least 20 days before the expiration date of the Service period in accordance with the Company’s designated website. The termination date is the date on which the Service cancellation procedures are completed. 

    2.    Even if the Member Company terminates the Service user agreement, the Member Company may subsequently apply for the Service again. 
  • Article 9 Use of web meetings

    1.    Even if the Buyer and the Seller close a deal in a separate online meeting, no brokerage fees may be claimed. The Company is not responsible for transactions between the Buyer and the Seller.

    2.    In the case of a meeting with an overseas Buyer, the Company may act as an agent and have an interpreter attend the meeting. Prior training and an agreement are necessary. Please contact the Company with regard to the details thereof. 

    3.    No system fee is charged for individual negotiations.